Consulting SEO

You need SEO Consultant

You have a website and you are looking to improve is online visibility but your dont know how to do it? or you dont have the time to do it? That’s my job as an SEO consultant. Optimizing your website to make it visible on Google and easy to use for your clients.

Installing the Best tool for you to follow your growth. 

  • Google Analytics: a must have for your website, with GA you will be able to track how many people are coming to your webiste, at what time, wich page they viewed. which country and how did they navigate in your website
  • Google Search Console: THE must have tool in your toolbox. Like Google Analytics, Google Search Console will allow you to see how many people are looking at your website, you can see what top keywords they are looking for, which page are the most seen, how many impressions did your website make and many other topics
You have some knowledge about SEO but definitely want to improve it

I do Coaching as well. Based on your level I will check with you your website and answer your questions to lead you on your road to success

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