Is my Website impact by Google Penalty?

Your Website got penalize by Google

What is a Google Penalty?

Google penalty is an action taken by Google to punish your website because he violated Google’s Guidelines. usually you can see a Google Penalty by a traffic Drop in your Search Console or Google analytics

Penalties have a goal to eradicate Spamdexing which means you want to trick Google to rank better, but at some point the Search Engine knows it. Google use algorithms like RankBrain, Bert and others to analyze content value and thus show the best content possible regarding user’s query

Penalties can be either Manual or Algorithmic

Goal of Panda is to reward Author who are creating valuable quality content and bring expertize for people 

Manual Penalty

Manual Penalties are given by humans, they are reporting any pages that do not comply with Google Guidelines. The reviewer analyze the pages and decide if it goes against Guidelines or if is valuable 

This can be because of Spammy backlinks, Keyword stuffing, Poor content value, Duplicate Content, Cloaking, Spammy content (link injection, creating new pages, redirection). The goal of those action is to either destroy your reputation or  suck in your traffic or seo

Algorithm Filters

Algorithmic filters like Google Panda or Penguin for the famous ones are filters that check The Quality of the link coming in and out of your webpage and the quality of the content. 

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