Link Building

Your want your website to rank better on Google right? Well then you need to have Qualitative external links giving power to your website. That is called Netlinking

BY doing Netlinking with website in the same niche as you, you will show Google that he can Trust you and your Authority.

How Link Building works?

You cant see your website on the first page of Google on you Type specific Keywords of your niche? To solve this you need to have relevant and Topical backlinks coming from other website to your website. The more qualitative external links you will have the better it will be for your ranking. And so the easier it will be for you to appear on top of Google. Because Nowadays more then 98% of the people clic on the  first link. If you are not there then you are not visible.

What is the structure of A Backlink ?

Netlinking is made with a Hypertexte link coming from another website to your website to give you what we call the SEO juice.

The structure is the following: <a href=”yourwebsiteurl”>Anchor</a>

How to do a Backlink ?

There are multiples ways to have Backlinks, some more natural then others

  • Linkbaiting: This is a white-hat methode. You write a very highly quality content and you hope someone will create a link from his website mentioning your content for is quality
  • Backlink campain: You buy backlinks that are relevant for your website
  • Ninjalinking: You use forums to post links for your website. The thing with that methode is that it take lot of times and many forum now have admin that try to remove those links

Have your own PBN

PBN is Private Blog Network. In SEO a PBN can be supert powerful. WHY ? Because you have control over it. There are different way to do a PBN. Usually people will buy what we call and expired domain so that they can use his metrics to bring in back on Google faster and so they create a link from this “new” website to the website they need to push

If you want to have your own PBN I can help you in that matter. Fill out the contact Form and I will be back to you as soon as possible

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